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Bringing forth a durable range of material handling systems such as Mini Crane, Tough Rider, Concrete Mixers, Tremix Systems, Batching Plants, etc, to provide hassle free services in construction sector. 

Company Preface

SAFARI CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENTS Private Limited caters for and is very favoured in a QUALITY CONSCIOUS MARKET.

Our Construction Machinery Product Launching Strategy has always been to give something more and something better than what already exists in market. We improvise on product designs for every product that is already in market and then launch our products due to which we have achieved our brand name and that extra edge which makes us a favourite amongst our customers and a winner amongst competitors.

Our dedicated design and engineering teams design & redesign every product till it reaches perfection. With utmost priority to quality and prompt after sales service we have registered a reputed position of one of the most noted Construction Machinery manufacturers and exporters like mini crane, mini dumpers, tough riders, winch crane, construction winch crane, mini lifts, concrete mixers, reversible drum mixers (RM 800 and RM 1050 equivalent models), mini batching plants, screw conveyor system, winch machines, monkey cranes, sparrow cranes, spider cranes, power trowel, dewatering pump, vacuum pump, concrete cutter, groove cutter, hand cart, measuring box, sand screening, sand sieving, rail trolley, weigh batcher, wheel barrow, cement mixers, tower hoist, builder hoist, construction equipments, mixer machine, mixture machine.

We plan the optimization of our products, with regard to ergonomics and safety, by involving every phase of the manufacturing process of our systems, from design to final testing up to the technical assistance and customer service.

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